16 Creative Perfume Storage And Organiser Ideas

Upgrade your perfume organisation with these ingenious ideas

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Key Takeaways

  • Proper storage can extend fragrance lifespan, preserving quality and increasing the time over which you can enjoy your fragrance.
  • Specialised storage solutions can not only help keep your collection organised, but add an aesthetic flair to your space.
  • Categorising your fragrances by type or occasion can make it easier to choose the perfect scent for any situation.

Since I recently discovered that storing perfume in your bathroom makes it go off quicker, I’ve been quietly scouring the internet for new and better ways to store my perfume.

Let’s dive into the best perfume storage ideas I’ve come across on the internet, from chic fragrance displays to neat perfume organiser trays.

1. Floating Shelves

Why not put your perfume collection on display with some chic shelving options?

Floating perfume shelves create a minimalist look, while wall-mounted acrylic shelves give a modern touch. Glass display cabinets, on the other hand, offer a hint of luxury.

Here’s my perfume shelf:

Perfume shelf filled with different fragrances

The beauty of repurposing shelving for your perfumes is that you have so much choice.

2. Display Stand

If you’re looking to add different dimensions to your perfume collection, a display stand is the way to go.

I really like how this perfume stand shows off each and every perfume, and makes it really easy to grab and spray any fragrance.

fragrance display stand

3. Perfume Drawers

You can also store your precious perfume bottles with drawer inserts. This way, you can guarantee they’re kept out of the sunlight and protected from the heat.

Go for customised drawer organisation if you really want to take it up a notch.

perfume drawer

4. Perfume Closet

For the ultimate perfume enthusiasts, consider a walk-in perfume closet.

My only bit of advice is don’t go crazy with lighting. When it comes to perfume, think dark and dingy, not bright and airy. This way your perfume won’t go off as quickly.

Short on space? I love a compact perfume armoires with dramatic lighting.

perfume closet

5. Glass Display Case

I also really love glass décor and have been infatuated with glass fragrance display cases recently.

Glass-fronted display doors as in the example below provide visibility and elegance, creating a boutique-like elegance for your home.

glass case for fragrances

6. Wooden Tray

Wooden perfume trays bring a rustic charm which I really like.

They also offer a really stable platform, ensuring yourprecious bottles don’t tip over.

The natural elegance of wood pairs beautifully with the design of most perfume bottles, which is an added bonus.

wooden perfume tray

7. Marble Tray

If you’re after a more modern look, use marble trays for both storage and display adding an elegant touch to your space.

The luxurious appeal of marble can elevate the look of your perfume collection, making it a centrepiece in my room.

marble perfume tray

8. DIY Custom Shelves

Put your crafting skills to the test and create customized floating shelves to match your style. You can choose the size, design, and even paint or stain them to match your décor.

If standard shelves are a little boring to you, this heart-shaped perfume storage shelf is just one of many awesome designs you can use.

Perfume shelf heart-shaped
Image: @honeybeeswan

9. Perfume Cabinet

Make use of otherwise empty wall space…

Hanging cabinets not only optimize vertical space, keeping your perfumes organized and within reach, but also add an elegant touch to your decor.

I’m really keen to buy a perfume cabinet because I think it will really look good while also turning my walls into the perfect storage option.

Gold perfume cabinet

10. Jewellery Boxes

Efficiency meets charm with multi-compartment jewellery boxes – or you can customize your jewellery boxes with dividers.

If you have lots of smaller perfumes or samples, you can ensure they each have their own spot in different compartmentalised spaces, preventing scratches.

perfume jewellery box

11. Organising Pouches and Bags

Stay organized on the go with portable pouches for travel-friendly storage.

I live by perfume testers so a small bag like this would be an absolute game-changer while on traveling or on holiday.

Perfume organising pouch

12. Tiered Tray

Go grand with multi-tiered perfume stands, or opt for convenience with rotating perfume trays.

Each tier provides a clear view of its contents, ensuring nothing gets overlooked or buried.

tiered perfume tray

13. Stackable Boxes

Transparent acrylic boxes are a great option if you’re planning on building your perfume collection anytime soon.

Stack them to maximise space and incorporate dividers for neat organization and quick visibility.

perfume stackable box

14. Glass Cloches

Add elegance to your collection by placing it under glass cloches. This is also a smart way to prevent oxidation by putting an extra wall of defence up between your perfume and the air.

These can also be integrated into a vintage décor theme or used to create a striking grouping of perfumes.

glass cloches

15. Ladder Shelving

Bring a modern touch to your collection with ladder-style perfume display. Every time I see a friend’s flat with a ladder shelf, I’m always so eager to buy one and turn it into a perfume rack.

Add some greenery for freshness or use ladder shelving as a versatile storage solution for various rooms.

decorative ladder

16. Mirrored Door Hanging

Amplify the glamour with mirrored backdrops and hidden storage behind mirrored doors.

Combining storage with a full-length mirror adds practicality to the mix.

perfume storage on door hanging

Share Your Ideas

Now, here’s the exciting part! I’ve created a Pinterest group board where you can share your own ingenious perfume storage ideas. Whether you’ve already implemented one of these ideas or have a unique approach of your own, I can’t wait to see your creations.

Share your Pinterest handle in the comments below, and I’ll invite you to join the board.

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