50ml Perfume Bottle Size: Comprehensive Guide

If you’re anything like me, choosing the right perfume isn’t just about the fragrance; it’s also about the bottle size. The size you pick is kind of a big deal. 
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Key Takeaways

  • A 50ml perfume bottle is a moderate size, generally good for a few months of daily use.
  • You can expect 500-600 sprays from a 50ml bottle.
  • You can travel on a plane with a 50ml perfume bottle without any issues.

If you’re anything like me, choosing the right perfume isn’t just about the fragrance; it’s also about the bottle size. The size you pick is kind of a big deal. 

Go too small, and you’ll run out just as you’re falling head over heels for the scent. Opt for a jug-sized bottle, and you might get bored before you even make a dent in it. Trust me, it’s a real Goldilocks situation.

So, what’s the sweet spot? The 50ml bottle! It strikes a perfect balance between too little and too much. 

Today, I’m sharing a complete guide that puts the spotlight on the 50ml perfume bottle. From its dimensions to how long a 50ml bottle will last you, we’ll cover it all. 

How Big Is a 50ML Bottle?

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A typical 50ml bottle is about 4 to 5 inches tall. The diameter varies, but it usually falls within the 1.5 to 2 inches range. It’s a moderately sized bottle that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to carry in a purse or travel bag.

Now, those numbers might not mean much on their own but imagine a standard tube of lipstick or a deck of cards. A 50ml bottle is generally a bit taller than a lipstick but shorter than your phone. And if we’re talking about how much space it takes up, think of it as about the size of a small apple.

It’s pretty petite, but I’ve found that it’s not so small that it’ll run out in a flash. It’s the kind of size that’s easy to toss in your bag or keep on your dresser without feeling like it’s taking over.

Perfume Bottle Sizes

I’ve put together a perfume bottle chart to help you compare different perfume bottles. 

0.05 FL. OZ.1.5 mL20
0.17 FL. OZ.5 mL60
0.5 FL. OZ.15 mL160
0.8 FL. OZ.25 mL270
1 FL. OZ.30 mL320
1.4 FL. OZ.40 mL410
1.7 FL. OZ.50 mL600
2 FL. OZ.75 mL790
3 FL. OZ.90 mL940
4.2 FL. OZ.125 mL1255
*Note that the number of sprays per ml will vary based on the perfume mechanism.

Is 50ml Big Enough for You? 

To decide whether 50ml is big enough for you, you need to consider how much you plan to use your fragrance. Are you a ‘spritz-and-go’ kind of person, or are you layering up like you’re creating a scent masterpiece? 

If you’re the former, trust me, a 50ml bottle will last you a decent while. I generally only spray a few times, and my perfume lasts a long time. 

But if you’re practically bathing in fragrance daily, you might hit empty sooner than you’d like.

Equally, you should think about variety. Some of us are committed to one scent, while others play the field. If you’ve got a fragrance for every mood, a 50ml bottle is perfect. You’ll get through it in a reasonable time, but your perfume won’t go off.

How long does 50ml perfume last? 

If you’re spritzing about 3 to 4 times a day, a 50ml bottle could last you a few months. If you’re more of an occasional spritzer, though, you’re looking at a whole lot more mileage from that bottle.

How Many Sprays Will You Get Out of 50ml of Perfume?

On average, you’re looking at around 500 to 600 sprays.

I recently tested a 50ml perfume bottle and got just shy of 540 sprays. 

That’s more than enough to see you through dozens of date nights, work meetings, and brunches with friends. 

Benefits and Cons of a 50ml Perfume Bottle

Check out the pros and cons of 50ml perfume bottles to help you decide if this size is your perfect match!

Benefits of 50ml Perfume Bottles

  • Moderate duration: A 50ml bottle stretches further than a 30ml perfume bottle. They usually last for a few months so you get enough time to really embrace the scent, but not so long that you get bored.
  • Portability for days: I love how easy it is to take a 50ml bottle with me wherever I go. Whether it’s in your purse for a quick touch-up at the office or tucked into your travel bag for a weekend getaway, it’s the ideal size for on-the-go folks.
  • Budget-friendly: It’s less of a financial commitment than bigger bottles, making it easier to diversify your perfume collection without breaking the bank.

Cons of 50ml Perfume Bottles

  • Higher cost-per-ml: If you break it down per milliliter, a 50ml bottle is generally pricier than its bigger counterparts. It’s something to think about if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Less suitable for limited edition: If your go-to scent is a limited edition, a 50ml bottle might leave you high and dry. You could run out just as it becomes impossible to find, which is pretty inconvenient.

Can you travel on a plane with a 50ml perfume bottle?

You can bring 50ml perfume bottles onto a plane without a hitch. I’ve never had any issues bringing perfumes under 100ml from different countries to the UK.  It’s easy to pack but enough to keep you smelling fresh throughout your trip.

Here’s a graphic from the Transport Security Administration website on the liquids rule:

Perfume liquids rule
Image: TSA

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