How to Store Your Perfume To Make It Last Longer (11 Tricks)

Make your perfume last twice as long with these key tips
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Key Takeaways

  • Always keep your fragrances in their original bottle and a dedicated perfume storage box to maintain its quality and longevity.
  • Store perfumes in a cool, dark place like a drawer or a perfume cabinet, away from light and heat sources.
  • Tighten the cap securely after each use to reduce air exposure, which triggers oxidation and can spoil fragrances.
  • Don’t leave your perfumes in the bathroom as the temperature and humidity fluctuations will reduce the longevity of your perfume.
  • Place perfumes on low shelves to minimize the risk of them falling and breaking, especially if you’re prone to accidents.

Knowing how to store perfume is crucial if you want to make your perfume collection last as long as possible. If you’ve spent time and money finding the perfect scent, it makes sense to store it well to make it last.

Over the years, I’ve had to accept the fact that perfumes don’t last forever. The clock starts ticking the moment the cap comes off. Oxidation affects the scent notes in the perfume, which is why it’s key to prevent air exposure.. Depending on how you store them, most perfumes can last between 1 to 10 years.

I’ve put together a list of tips to help you keep your perfumes smelling great for as long as possible. I also put my two pence in on the debate around whether you should refrigerate your perfumes or not. 

1. Stick with the Original Bottle

I can’t stress this enough: always keep your perfume in its original bottle. Those bottles aren’t just eye candy on your vanity; they’re specially designed to keep your fragrance in top shape. 

I’ve tried transferring perfume to smaller or fancier bottles for convenience, only to find the scent loses its magic more quickly. The original bottle is airtight and often designed to protect the perfume from light, air, and other factors that could make it go bad. So do yourself a favor and keep that bottle—your fragrance will thank you.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use atomizers, especially if, like me, you like to have a small amount of perfume on-the-go. Atomizers can be a practical option because you’re typically transferring only a few milliliters at a time. These smaller quantities are generally used up quickly, so the risk of the perfume deteriorating is significantly lower. The key is to make sure you’re using your atomizer consistently enough that the perfume doesn’t sit for too long, which could expose it to those dreaded elements that speed up expiration. So yes, atomizers can still be a part of your perfume lifestyle, as long as you use them wisely.

2. Put your bottles in boxes

As an extra layer of protection, it may help to preserve your perfume to keep it in its original box. 

Really, any kind of storage box for perfume should add an extra layer of protection against light and temperature fluctuations, which are known to degrade fragrance over time. 

3. Place Perfumes on Low Shelves

I won’t lie to you, I’ve smashed a perfume bottle or two into smithereens in my time.

My problem is, there’s no quick fix for clumsiness – but there are ways to minimize it. 

For instance, I now keep all my niche and glass fragrances on low shelves so that there’s nearly no risk of them taking damage if I knock them over.

It’s only a small change but I haven’t broken a bottle since adopting this approach. 

4. Store in a Dark Place

Light, especially sunlight, is another culprit when it comes to degrading your perfume. 

Excessive exposure to light can break down the various components that make up a fragrance, leading to a less potent scent. 

I used to line my fragrances up on my window sill, but now I keep them on a shelf that’s away from direct or artificial lighting.

Take it one step further than me and store your perfumes in a dark place like a drawer or perfume cabinet. 

If you’re investing in high-quality fragrances, they deserve to be stored in a place where they’re protected from light.

5. Avoid the Bathroom

perfume bottles on bathroom shelves

I’ve lost count of how many fragrance influences I’ve watched show off perfume organisers full to the brim in their bathrooms. 

Unfortunately, they’re killing the lifespan of their perfumes without realising. 

The bathroom is one of the worst places you can keep your perfume, no matter how convenient it may seem. 

Humidity and temperature fluctuations in bathrooms can wreak havoc on the quality of your perfume. Storing perfume in such conditions can change not only its scent but also its longevity. 

Find a more stable environment, like your bedroom, where humidity levels are more constant, to ensure that your perfume remains as delightful as the day you bought it.

6. Don’t Store Near Heat Sources

Heat is a silent killer when it comes to the lifespan of perfumes. 

Many people inadvertently place their fragrances near heat sources like radiators, windows with direct sunlight, or even atop electronic devices that give off heat. Doing so can induce rapid degradation of the perfume’s complex blend of notes, compromising both its scent and longevity. 

I’ve found that steering clear of heat sources when choosing a storage spot is a simple yet effective way to preserve the quality of my perfume collection.

8. Keep Perfumes Upright

Storing perfume bottles horizontally may seem like a space-saving idea, but it’s one that could lead to leaks.

Perfume caps and nozzles are designed to form an airtight seal when the bottle is upright. When laid on their side, these seals can break, leading to leaks that not only waste your precious fragrance but also speed up the degradation process due to increased air exposure.

Now, I always keep my bottles upright to make sure the cap’s seal stays intact. 

9. Don’t shake the bottle

Nothing good comes from shaking your perfume bottle. I repeat, nothing good.

I used to give my perfumes a little shake before spraying, thinking I was mixing the ingredients. Little did I know that perfumes have already gone through an intricate blending process, so this was completely pointless. 

In fact, shaking your perfume can actually introduce air into the liquid, which speeds up oxidation and can even alter the composition of the fragrance.

10. Tighten the Cap After Use

Air is the enemy of perfume; there’s no simpler way to put it. 

Once oxygen interacts with the liquid, the oxidation process kicks in, which can drastically alter the scent profile and even the color. 

Over the years, I’ve noticed that not properly sealing a bottle can lead to fragrance loss or even spoilage in extreme cases. 

Always make sure to tighten the cap securely after each use. This simple act can extend the life of your perfume significantly.

11. Buy longer-lasting fragrances

This isn’t exactly a tip to make your perfume last longer, but if you’re having issues with weak perfumes, it might be time to switch to a longer-lasting perfume.

I’ve found that perfumes with better longevity don’t just last longer throughout the day, they also hold up for many more months than my weaker colognes. 

12. Put your perfume in the fridge

perfumes in the fridge

Personally, I don’t refrigerate my aftershaves as my apartment doesn’t get much direct sunlight and stays fairly cool during summer.

However, if you need to store perfume in hot weather, it might make sense to refrigerate your fragrances to keep them cool. 

Just make sure your fridge isn’t extremely cold – you certainly don’t want to freeze your favourite scents.

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