Christian Dior Statistics You Need To Know In 2024

We bring together key statistics about Christian Dior.
christian dior statistics

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Key Takeaways

  • Dior made just under $85 billion in 2023.
  • Asia accounts for 35% of their total revenue, the largest of any region.
  • They have over 390 stores worldwide.
  • 163,309 people work for Dior.
  • 74% of Christian Dior’s customers are female, while 26% of male.

Christian Dior founded his eponymous fashion house on December 16th, 1946, in Paris, and it reached immediate fame with Dior’s first collection in 1947. 

Today, the company is worth billions and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. 

We’ve rounded up all the Christian Dior statistics we could find below. 

  • Key Dior Stats
  • Dior Annual Revenue
  • Dior Daily Revenue
  • Number of Dior Stores Globally
  • Number of Dior Employees
  • Dior Net Promoter Score
  • Dior Customer Demographics Breakdown
  • Dior Social Media Following
  • Number of Dior Perfumes Created

Christian Dior Annual Revenue

In 2022, Christian Dior made nearly $85 billion, their highest annual revenue to date, and 16.61% up from 2021. 

christian dior annual revenue

Once Dior makes figures for 2023 available, I’ll add it to the table above. 

Impressively, over the last five years, Dior has had an average annual revenue increase of 10.95%.

YearRevenue (in billion)Percentage Change from Previous Year

Source: Macro Trends

Christian Dior Revenue By Region Breakdown 

Asia (excluding Japan) accounted for 35% of Christian Dior’s total revenue in 2021, followed by the USA at 26%.

dior regional share of revenue

Here’s a full breakdown of Christian Dior’s revenue by region.

RegionShare of Total Revenue
Asia (excluding Japan)35%
United States26%
Europe (excluding France)15%
Other Markets11%

Source: Statista

Christian Dior Daily Revenue

In 2022, Christian Dior recorded an annual revenue of $84.80 billion.

I’ve divided this by 365 days in a year to calculate their daily revenue as $232 million.. 

christian dior revenue

How Many Stores Does Christian Dior Own?

Christian Dior has roughly 390 stores around the world, with the majority in Europe & Africa (179).

christian dior stores

Here’s a breakdown with the full list of regions where Dior have stores. 

RegionNumber of Stores
Europe & Africa179
Asia & Oceania169
North & South America17
Middle East25

Source: (Legit Check)

How Many Employees Does Christian Dior Have?

Worldwise,163,309 people work at Christian Dior and its subsidiaries. Since 2021, Christian Dior’s employee count has dropped by 7.02%. 

christian dior workforce

Here’s a comparison between Dior’s employee count in 2021 and 2023. 

YearWorkforce Size

Source: (Zippia)

Christian Dior Net Promoter Score

Currently, Christian Dios has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 53, which is very good, considering the scale ranges from -100 to 100.  

christian dior nps breakdown

The score tracks whether Dior customers would recommend using their products.

 66% of respondents are classed as Promoters, 21% as Passives, and 13% as Detractors. 

DescriptionPercentage / Score
Net Promoter Score (NPS)53

Source: Comparably

Dior NPS Score Vs Competitors 

Christian Dior has a significantly better NPS score than its main competitors including Chanel (40), Gucci (34) and Burberry (33). 

NPS score christian dior

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Dior and its competitors’ scores. 

Christian Dior51
Chanel 40

Christian Dior Gender Breakdown

Around 74% of Christian Dior’s customers are women, while 26% of male. 

gender distribution chart christian dior

This table shows the difference: 

GenderPercentage of Customers

Christian Dior Age Breakdown 

Shoppers between 31-40 make up the largest slice of Dior’s customer base at 30.81%. 

age distribution chanel

The full breakdown of Dior’s customer base by age can be found below. 

Age GroupPercentage

How Many Different Perfumes Does Christian Dior Sell?

Christian Dior sells over 276 different perfumes, including Dior Sauvage, which is arguably their most famous fragrance.  

Christian Dior Social Media Following

Dior has 46.5 million followers on Instagram, 19 million on Facebook, and 7.5 on TikTok.

christian dior social media chart

Here’s a detailed breakdown.

Social Media PlatformNumber of Followers
Instagram45.6 million
Facebook19 million
TikTok7.5 million

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