Best Places To Buy Wholesale Perfume Testers

Find out where are the best places to buy perfume testers from in America.
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With the rise of online commerce platforms, finding wholesale perfume testers for sale from reliable sources is becoming more difficult. Whether you are a small business owner looking to stock up on testers or a perfume enthusiast seeking a cost-effective way to explore new scents, I’ve got you covered.

I understand the challenges of finding trustworthy platforms, which is why I’ve curated a list of our favorite places to buy wholesale perfume testers bottles.

The Best Places to Buy Wholesale Perfume Testers

Buying Perfume testers in the US gives you an opportunity to try out a wider variety of fragrances at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy them each at RRP. 

Online retailers partner with department stores and fragrance suppliers to buy fragrance testers in bulk at wholesale rates. This means that you can buy the same perfume bottles at a significantly discounted wholesale price.

To avoid fake sellers, make sure there are no spelling errors or other branding inconsistencies that indicate the product is counterfeit. I’ve found that legitimate sellers will clearly label their perfumes as authentic and will specify that the perfume is unused.

*The majority of listed sellers are US-based, with limited UK distributors. You may end up incurring higher delivery fees to ship from the US. 

Here’s where we buy wholesale perfume testers bottles from: 

Perfume Empire 

perfume empire website interface

Trustpilot: 4.4 

Perfume Empire, based in Dallas, Texas and founded in 2009, offers high-quality, authentic perfumes directly from manufacturers and wholesalers at some of the most affordable prices. 

For instance, you can get Perfume Empire’s Lady Million for $55.35 (£40.82) for a 75ml tester. For comparison, the same bottle on Amazon costs £49.27 ($66.78).

Why I Like Perfume Empire

  • Authentic, affordable perfumes
  • Wide selection of favorite brands
  • Free shipping on orders over $69 (£50.88)
  • Intuitive, user-friendly website
  • Secure packaging for delicate perfume bottles

Awesome Perfumes

Awesome perfume tester website

Trustpilot score: 3.2

With over 14 years of industry experience, Awesome Perfumes stands as a trusted seller of legitimate and authentic fragrances. Offering competitive prices comparable to Perfume Empire, Awesome Perfumes presents an affordable option for fragrance enthusiasts. For instance, their Awesome Perfumes’ Lady Million is priced at $56.76 (£41.90), making them only a little more than $1 more expensive than Perfume Empire.

Why I Like Awesome Perfumes

  • Secure and reliable website
  • Free shipping for orders over $59 (£43.60)
  • Quick order processing, shipped within a day or two


fragranceX website

Trustpilot Rating: 4.1

With a remarkable presence in the industry since 2001, FragranceX is one of the oldest and best wholesale perfume testers distributors on our list. 

For UK residents seeking wholesale perfume testers online, FragranceX emerges as the top choice, offering seamless DPD shipping without exorbitant costs. Typically, their selection includes both unboxed perfume testers and those in their original packaging.

FragranceX’s Lady Million perfume is priced at $94.98 (£73.87) if you take advantage of their exclusive 15% email coupon. 

Why I Like FragranceX

  • Great customer service
  • Fast shipping to the UK
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Competitive prices on par with Amazon


Fragrance Net website

Trustpilot score: 4

Established in 1997, FragranceNet boasts a long-standing presence in the industry, earning a reputation as a reliable supplier of wholesale perfume testers online. 

Although not the most budget-friendly option, FragranceNet’s commitment to reliability makes them a solid choice, especially when you’re struggling to find a perfume elsewhere..

FragranceNet’s Lady Million tester costs $87.49 (£64.60) when you sign up for their newsletter, providing a tempting option for those seeking this luxurious scent.

Why I Like FragranceNet

  • Diverse fragrance selection, surpassing other online wholesalers
  • Sleek website design
  • Regular discounts and savings for fragrance enthusiasts
  • Free shipping on orders over $100 (£73.89)

Perfume Tester Website Comparison Chart

Checkout the following table to compare the best places to buy wholesale perfume tester:

WebsiteYears RunningLady Million Perfume Cost (GBP)Lady Million Perfume Cost (USD)
Perfume Empire14 years£40.82$55.35
Awesome Perfumes14 years£41.90$56.76
FragranceX22 years£73.87$94.98 (with 15% coupon)
FragranceNet26 years£64.60$87.49 (with newsletter sign-up)

Where Not to Buy Wholesale Perfume Testers From

It’s crucial to be vigilant when scouting for the best places to buy fragrance testers if you want to avoid being disappointed. 

For instance, Beauty Encounters is a popular website that offers perfume tasters. Unfortunately, the website has a very low Trustpilot score of 1.6. A quick scan of the review site and you’ll find customer after customer complaining about receiving fake testers and damaged bottles. 

In the past, I’ve bought perfume from Beauty Encounters only to have it never show up.

To make matters worse, they’re also promoting outdated deals from 2020, signaling possible outdated stock.

Faire and Benron Perfume also offer fragrance testers, but their stock is unreliable, and they generally don’t offer larger perfumes testers. 

I recommend more legitimate alternatives to ensure a positive shopping experience.

How to Choose the Best Place to Buy Wholesale Perfume Testers

Choosing the best place to buy wholesale perfume testers requires careful consideration. 

Here are some essential factors to check:

  • Availability: Ensure the site has ample stock of perfumes. Limited availability often indicates weaker supplier connections.
  • Price: Testers should be more affordable than retail products (that’s kind of the whole point). Compare retail and tester prices to ensure you’re getting a good deal.
  • Website Usability: Reliable companies invest in a smooth website experience, reflecting their trustworthiness.
  • History: Consider the company’s length of time in the industry. Established sellers with a good track record are the safer bet.
  • Reviews: Trustpilot is a valuable tool. Positive and negative feedback reveal a lot about a seller.

Some fragrances may not be available everywhere so it’s a good idea to have up to three go-to sellers.

Why Are Testers Cheaper?

Tester perfumes are cheaper because manufacturers spend less on their presentation. Unlike the finished product, tester bottles may not come in the same fancy packaging you’d find in stores. As they are primarily meant for promotional or display purposes, the reduced packaging cost allows for lower prices on tester perfumes.

Whole Perfume Tester FAQs

Curious about fragrance testers? 

Check out these frequently asked questions to learn more.

Is it okay to buy perfume testers?

Yes, buying perfume testers from legitimate sources is safe because testers are produced in the same way as retail bottles, ensuring the quality is the same. 

Additionally, purchasing testers reduces packaging waste, making it an eco-friendly choice while still enjoying genuine fragrances.

Can you buy perfume testers in stores?

Yes, you can find perfume testers in some stores, but it can be challenging. Retailers often use testers for display-only purposes and may not sell them to you. For better availability and options, it’s advisable to purchase fragrance testers from online tester sites.

Are perfume testers weaker?

Perfume testers are not weaker than their retail counterparts, despite the different packaging. The fragrance concentration remains the same, offering an identical scent strength and quality.

What is a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is the price recommended by the manufacturer for a product’s sale in retail stores. It’s also known as the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). 

Typically, the MSRP is set at 2-3 times the wholesale price, serving as a suggested selling point for retailers.

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