What Perfume Does Rihanna Wear?

Rihanna’s favourite perfumes are Love, Don’t Be Shy, and Fenty.
rihanna standing by her favourite perfume

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Key Takeaways

  • Rihanna wears the popular perfume Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian.
  • The pop-singer also wears Fenty EDP, the signature fragrance from her own cosmetics company.
  • Several celebrities from Ryan Seacrest to Lil Nas X have called her the best smelling celebrity of all time. 
  • If you want to smell like Rihanna, try Oriana by Parfums de Marly or Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

International superstar Rihanna, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, has achieved immense success in her music career, from her chart-topping music hits to her ground-breaking contributions to the fashion and beauty world.

According to Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna is also the best smelling celebrity.

He’s not alone in that thinking. Lil Nas X didn’t hesitate when asked about his favorite smell, promptly answering “Rihanna.” 

At the BET Awards, Cardi B couldn’t contain her excitement upon meeting Rihanna, exclaiming, “she smell good!”

In an amusing Graham Norton show clip, even Nigella Lawson couldn’t resist complimenting Rihanna’s scent, with Norton confirming that Rihanna indeed smelled wonderful.

What Does Rihanna Smell Like?

Rihanna smells like two perfumes in particular:

Love, Don’t Be Shy By Kilian 

love don't be shy by kilian

Love, Don’t Be Shy by Killian is one of RIhanna’s favorite fragrances, and has been for a while. 

In 2016, Rihanna’s friend @StylishGent revealed in a video that she was wearing this enchanting perfume. 

Love, Don’t Be Shy is a sweet gourmand fragrance is a delicious combination of marshmallow, vanilla, and caramel. The top and mid notes introduce a citrusy and white floral freshness, while the base notes offer a comforting mix of sugary gourmands. 

Fenty Eau de Parfum

fenty edp

Rihanna has also launched her very own fragrance under her Fenty label, just like fellow musicians Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, who both also have their own perfume collection. This fragrance not only allows us to smell just like Rihanna but also offers a glimpse into her personal scent preferences. 

“I made a fragrance for myself,” Rihanna writes on the Fenty website, “and I’m now sharing it with you.” 

When the fragrance was first released, Rihanna described it as exuding everything she feels, everything she is, and everything she wants to be.

I’d describe it as a warm, musky floral fragrance featuring notes of magnolia, tangerine, and Bulgarian rose. 

What sets it apart is that it is entirely comprised of middle or “heart” notes, giving it a unique and long-lasting scent profile. 

Alternatives To Rihanna’s Favourite Perfumes

If you want to smell like Rihanna, these two budget-friendly options are worth a look. 

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

black opium by ysl

Black Opium is known for its warm, spicy, and seductively intoxicating aroma. It combines notes of adrenaline-rich coffee, white flowers, vanilla, pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli, and cedar. 

Oriana by Parfums de Marly

oriana by parfums de marly

Renowned for its sweet and powdery scent, Oriana is centered around a warm and rich sandalwood theme, with a hint of vanilla that I can’t get enough of. 

Another thing I can’t get enough of: the bottle. Featuring elegant details such as a jeweled metal top, braided tassel embellishments, and a matte pink bottle, it really is to die for.

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