What Perfume Does Ariana Grande Wear?

Ariana Grande’s favourite perfumes are MOD Vanilla, Flowerbomb and Neroli Portofino.
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Key Takeaways

  • Ariana Grande wears MOD Vanilla EDP, which is from her own perfume line.
  • Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is also one of her favourite fragrances.
  • Her third favourite perfume is Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.
  • Since 2015, Ariana Grande has release many wildly successful perfumes, including Ari, Cloud, and God Is A Woman.

Ariana Grande isn’t just a pop sensation, but an icon in her own right. The powerhouse vocalist has given us hits like “thank u, next”, “7 rings”, and “No Tears Left To Cry”. 

With a staggering net worth estimated at over $150 million, I think it’s safe to say Ariana’s empire spans beyond music. She also has one of the most successful celebrity fragrance lines of all time.

Read on to find out what Ariana Grande smells like and what her favorite perfumes of all time are.

What Is Ariana Grande’s Favorite Perfume?

Ariana has three favorite perfumes, which include her own creation, MOD Vanilla EDP, the iconic Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, and the luxurious Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

Let’s break these down, one by one.

MOD Vanilla

mod vanilla ariana grande

Ariana shared in her Vogue interview that her favorite fragrance is MOD Vanilla EDP, which gives me a pretty strong sense of its significance in her collection.

MOD Vanilla isn’t about the plain vanilla you might remember from childhood desserts. For me, it’s a sophisticated blend. The main notes are creamy vanilla balanced beautifully with musk and a hint of orchid.

I’d recommend MOD Vanilla for daytime and evening outings, so I imagine Ariana wears it a whole lot. 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

I’ve always appreciated the Viktor & Rolf collection and in fact, wear the masculine equivalent, Spicebomb. 

That’s why I’m really pleased to see that Ariana feels the same about Flowerbomb. Flowerbomb is a classy, feminine mix of floral notes. 

When you break it down, you’re getting the freshness of freesia, the elegance of the rose, a hint of exotic osmanthus, and the sweetness of jasmine, all anchored by the distinct scent of patchouli. It’s floral, it’s vibrant, and it’s a scent that leaves an impression.

And she’s not the only a-lister who likes the fragrance—Taylor Swift also wears Flowerbomb.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Another one of Ariana Grande’s favorites is reportedly Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. She’s been rumored to wear this on more than one occasion. 

Neroli Portofino is a refreshing mix that’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast. Its top notes include Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, and Sicilian lemon, which then give way to a heart of lavender, orange blossom, and rosemary.

I’m not usually a fan of Tom Ford fragrances, but I have to say, this is a really lovely perfume.

Cheap alternatives if you want to smell like Ariana Grande

If you’re looking for affordable alternatives to Ariana Grande’s go to fragrances, you’re in the right place. 

Here are some alternatives to Ariana Grande’s favorite fragrances:

Fragrances Like MOD Vanilla

  • Vanilla Fields by Coty
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works
  • Vanilla Musk by Jovan
  • Vanilla Lace by Victoria’s Secret
  • Vanille Insensée by Atelier Cologne

Fragrances Like Flowerbomb

  • Black Orchid by Tom Ford
  • Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
  • La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme
  • Floral Street Electric Rhubarb by Floral Street
  • Flower by Kenzo

Fragrances Like Neroli Portofino

  • Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne
  • Neroli by Jo Malone London
  • Neroli & Orchidee by L’Occitane
  • Sicilian Lemon & Neroli by Molton Brown

Does Ariana Grande Have Her Own Perfume Line?

Yes, Ariana Grande her one of the most popular celebrity perfume lines of all time

For those who want to get a closer look at her fragrances, you can watch Gabriela Carrillo’s review of Ariana’s scents below.

Or, you can keep reading to see a full list of Ariana Grande’s fragrance releases over the years. 

Ari (2015)

Ariana Grande’s journey into the world of perfumes began with her debut fragrance, “Ari,” in 2015. 

This fragrance holds a special place in her heart, as Ariana revealed in a statement, “I love fragrance, it is something I have been obsessed with all my life. As a fragrance debut of my very own, I really wanted it to be personal, that’s why I named it ARI,” says Grande. 

She added: “I love everything about it. It is so fun and true to me. The scent is sweet, yet sexy, with some surprises underneath.

Ari opens with sparkling fruits, transitions into a delicate floral bouquet, and settles into a creamy, addictive base of marshmallow and musk.

Frankie (2016) 

The following year, Ariana introduced “Frankie,” a fragrance that pays homage to her brother, Frankie Grande. 

This unisex fragrance opens with a burst of citrus and pink pepper, leading to a heart of lavender and dewy rose. It finishes with a warm and comforting base of cedarwood, creamy sandalwood, and musk.

Sweet Like Candy (2016) 

Also in 2016, Ariana blessed us with “Sweet Like Candy,” a delicious fruity scent. It transitions into a floral heart, and dries down to a mouthwatering blend of marshmallow, vanilla, and precious woods.

Moonlight (2017) 

“Moonlight” joined Ariana’s fragrance collection in 2017, taking inspiration from – you guessed it – the moon.

Moonlight opens with a sweet and fruity blend, unfolds into a floral heart, and settles into a creamy and sensual base of marshmallow and sandalwood. Everytime I smell it, I just want to go out and buy a bag of marshmallows.

Cloud (2018) 

“Cloud,” introduced in 2018, is a perfume that captures the essence of a fluffy, dreamy cloud.

It opens with a refreshing mix of lavender and pear, unfolds into a heart of coconut and praline, and finishes with a warm and comforting base of vanilla and woody notes.

Thank U Next (2019) 

Ariana’s “Thank U Next” fragrance made its debut in 2019, celebrating self-love and empowerment, inspired by her hit song of the same name.

Thank U Next starts with a juicy burst of pear and raspberry, followed by a heart of creamy coconut, and finishes with a warm and comforting base of vanilla and musk.

R.E.M (2020) 

In 2020, Ariana introduced “R.E.M,” a fragrance inspired by her dreams and creativity.

R.E.M opens with a burst of juicy fig, transitions into a heart of lavender and pear blossom, and dries down to a warm and sensual base of tonka bean and musk.

God Is A Woman (2021)

Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman” fragrance, launched in 2021, draws inspiration from her powerful anthem of the same name.

Notes: God Is A Woman features a captivating blend of juicy blackberries, velvety rose petals, and creamy coconut.

Thank U Next 2.0 (2021) 

Building on the success of the original “Thank U Next,” Ariana released “Thank U Next 2.0” in 2021, offering a fresh interpretation of the beloved scent.

Cloud Intense (2021) 

Also in 2021, Ariana introduced “Cloud Intense,” a more concentrated and intense version of the original “Cloud” fragrance.

Mod Vanilla (2022)

In 2022, Ariana Grande declared “Mod Vanilla” as one of her favorite fragrances. With its sweet and sexy vanilla notes, it’s no wonder she adores it.

Mod Blush (2022) 

“Mod Blush” made its debut in 2022, and it’s a fragrance that embodies a sense of modern sophistication.

Cloud Pink (2023)

Ariana Grande’s latest fragrance is “Cloud Pink,” released in 2023. While details about this fragrance are limited at the moment, one can only imagine the sweet and playful notes it may contain.

Cloud Pink is velvety, rich and fruity. It’s a delicate floral combination of vanilla orchid and blush ambrette. 

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