What Perfume Did the Queen Wear?

Queen Elizabeth’s favourite perfumes are White Floris and L’Heure Bleue.
queen elizabeth II perfume

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Key Takeaways

  • White Rose by Floris is A floral favorite of Queen Elizabeth, with a regal endorsement since 1971 and a choice for her wedding day. White Rose features aldehydes, green notes, and carnation, with a heart of rose, violet, iris, and jasmine, and a base of amber, musk, and powdery notes. L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain is a second favorite of the queen, celebrated for its velvety softness and romantic, dusk-inspired essence. Posthumously, the Queen's preferred L’Heure Bleue saw a significant sales surge. L’Heure Bleue contains anise, bergamot, iris, violet, jasmine, and rose, with a base of iris, violet, benzoin, tonka bean, and vanilla.

Elizabeth Windsor, more commonly known as Queen Elizabeth II, has been the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms for over 70 years. Her reign witnessed significant changes in the world, but one aspect that remained constant is the Queen herself. 

Keep reading to find out what perfume the late queen Elizabeth wore.

What Was Queen Elizabeth’s Favourite Perfume?

Queen Elizabeth had two favorite perfumes: White Rose by Floris, and L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain. She was such a large fan of her fragrances that it’s widely believed she had her own exclusive perfume created. 

Let’s take a look at each of her favorite perfumes. 

White Rose by Floris

One of the Queen of England’s favorite perfumes was White Rose by Floris, a timeless floral fragrance with a rich history. Floris of London was given the Royal Warrant as Her Majesty’s exclusive perfumers in 1971, and the Queen wore White Rose on her wedding day and throughout her life.

However, she wasn’t the only fan of this celebrity fragrance. Florence Nightingale is also reported to have worn White Rose, as is Lord Admiral Nelson’s mistress, Lady Hamilton.

Originally launched in 1800 and later reintroduced in 2004, White Rose is a vibrant blend of aldehydes, green notes, and carnation in its top notes. Its heart reveals a bouquet of rose, violet, iris, and jasmine, while powdery notes, amber, and musk linger in the base. 

To me, it feels romantic and fresh, traditionally British and charming. It’s not too strong or too weak – perfect for the queen. 

White Rose Notes

  • Top: Aldehydic, Carnation, Green
  • Middle: Iris, Rose, Jasmine, Violet
  • Base: Amber, Musk, Powdery Notes

L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain

Another perfume that the queen adored was L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain, a legendary fragrance renowned for its velvety softness and romantic aroma. It’s meant to be reminiscent of the bluish dusk and the anticipation of night. 

This perfume boasts top notes of anise and bergamot, followed by a heart filled with floral accords like iris, violet, jasmine, and rose. Its base is a blend of powdery and woody notes, resulting in a timeless and elegant fragrance with a powdery, floral, and undeniably feminine character.

After the Queen’s death last year, Guerlain reported a 109% increase in sales of her beloved perfume, L’Heure Bleue.

L’Heure Bleue notes

  • Top: Anise, Bergamot
  • Middle: Carnation, Tuberose, Neroli, Rose
  • Base: Iris, Violet, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

What do other members of the royal family wear?

As I was looking into the different perfumes that the queen loved, I started to ask myself, what about the rest of the royal family? What perfumes do they wear> 

What perfume did Princess Diana wear?

Princess Diana had a fondness for Penhaligon’s Bluebell, a fresh and fruity fragrance featuring citrus headnotes, intermingled with essences of Lily of the Valley, jasmine, rose, and a hint of clove and cinnamon. This enduring fragrance is still available today, preserving her olfactory legacy.

What perfume does Kate Middleton wear?

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, gravitates towards floral scents. She is often associated with Jo Malone London’s Orange Blossom cologne, a blend of clementine flower, white lilac, water lily, and orriswood, making it her signature fragrance for daily wear. Rumor has it that this delightful scent also graced the air at her 2011 wedding to Prince William.

What cologne does Prince William wear?

Prince William’s preferred cologne is reported to be Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne, a choice that aligns with his love for polo. Additionally, he occasionally embraces Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet, showcasing his diverse taste in fragrances.

What cologne does Meghan Markle wear?

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has a collection of favored scents, including Oribe Côte d’Azur Eau de Parfum, Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne, and Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne. These fragrances offer a wide range, from the lighter and brighter notes of Oribe Côte d’Azur to the delicately sweet and fresh essence of Jo Malone Wild Bluebell and the lively, spirited aura of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

What Perfume Does the King Wear?

As for King Charles III, his son Prince Harry shared in his book that the king prefers Dior’s Eau Sauvage, characterized as “flowery with a hit of something harsh, like pepper or gunpowder, made in Paris.” Additionally, he favors Green Irish Tweed by Creed, renowned for its fresh, floral, and woody notes, a fitting choice for the former Prince of Wales.

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