What Perfume Does Taylor Swift Wear?

The perfumes Taylor Swift wear are Santal Blush, Flowerbomb, Fantasy, and Hot Couture
taylor swift wears tom ford perfume

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Key Takeaways

  • One of Taylor Swifts favourite perfumes is Santal Blush.
  • Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and Fantasy by Britney Spears are among Taylor's other preferred scents.
  • Taylor has her own successful perfume line, with Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck Enchanted and Taylor being very popular.
  • If you're on a budget, La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme is a great dupe for Flowerbomb.
  • Other affordable alternatives to match Taylor's scent profile include Can Can by Paris Hilton and Velvet Sugar by Bath and Body Works.

At 33, with a formidable net worth of $740 million, it’s no wonder pop sensation Taylor Swift is at the top of the music world. I’ve been singing along to her chart-toppers like “Midnight”, “Shake It Off”, and “Blank Space” for what feels like forever. 

She has a very successful celebrity perfume line, so I know she has a much greater collection than her NFL partner, and she’s probably got Travis Kelce into perfume. I was really interested to learn what fragrances Taylor Swift actually wears. 

Ever since I watched her 2020 documentary “Miss Americana”, and spotted a bottle of Santal Blush by Tom Ford, I’ve been steadily getting more and more curious about Taylor’s favorite perfumes.

Delve with me into the four perfumes that Taylor Swift swears by. 

What perfumes does Taylor Swift wear?

Generally, there are four perfumes that people who have met Taylor Swift say she’s worn: 

Santal Blush by Tom Ford

tom ford santal blush

Taylor Swift hasn’t publicly confirmed it, but the general consensus is that her favourite perfume is Santal Blush by Tom Ford. 

The scent kicks off with an invigorating burst of cinnamon and cumin. As this intensity mellows, it paves the way for a delicate harmony of jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang. 

But it’s the profound warmth of sandalwood, benzoin, and musk that lingers. The fragrance, in its entirety, is reminiscent of Taylor’s own musical evolution: starting with a powerful punch, but culminating in a melody rich in depth and emotion.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

flowerbomb viktor and rolf

Flowerbomb is a fragrance that’s captivated not only Taylor but also other celebrities like Ariana Grande. 

Bursting forth with initial notes of tea and bergamot, it soon unveils a floral cascade of jasmine, orchid, freesia, and rose. As it settles, a foundation of patchouli and musk emerges. I really can’t get enough of Flowerbomb. 

It’s also one of the longest-lasting perfumes I’ve ever sprayed. 

Fantasy by Britney Spears

fantasy by britney spears

From one popstar to another, I think it’s awesome that Taylor leans towards Fantasy, by none other than Britney Spears. 

Opening with a playful blend of kiwi, lychee, and quince, it then leads you to a heart of white chocolate, jasmine, and orchid, anchored by a base of musk, woods, and orris root. 

It’s reminiscent of Taylor’s more whimsical phases, echoing the playful tones of her earlier albums.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll be sharing that she’s started wearing fellow popstar Rihanna’s fragrances or Ariana Grande’s favourite perfume to you all.

Hot Couture by Givenchy

hot couture givenchy

Hot Couture starts with a lively mix of raspberries and bergamot. As it settles, there’s a rich heart of magnolia, vetiver, and pepper, capturing the details you might find in a designer’s masterpiece. The finish is warm with notes of amber and musk. 

In its chic bottle, it’s easy to see why Taylor Swift is rumoured to be so taken by this fragrance. 

Top Picks From Taylor Swift’s Perfume Line

When it comes to crafting a melody, Taylor Swift’s talents are undeniable. But her artistry doesn’t stop there; it spills over into the world of fragrances.

Ever since the release of her debut perfume in 2011, Swift has continuously released popular fragrances. Meticulously designed, each fragrance offers a whiff of Taylor’s personal story, from youthful exuberance to introspective maturity. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to bottle up emotions from chart-topping ballads into enchanting elixirs, Swift’s fragrances provides the answer. 

Here’s my favourite fragrance from the multi-talented artist’s collection.


wonderstruck by taylor swift

Inspired by her song “Enchanted”, Wonderstruck opens with a fruity medley of raspberry, apple blossom, and dewberry. 

As it evolves, it reveals a floral heart with hints of hibiscus and honeysuckle. Vanilla and golden amber lend it a warm, comforting base. 

Every spritz really does remind me of a Taylor Swift melody. 

Wonderstruck Enchanted

wonderstruck enchanted by taylor swift

Think of Wonderstruck Enchanted as a richer, more intense sibling to Wonderstruck. 

It captures your senses with wild berries and petals, but as you delve deeper, notes of passion fruit and white musk emerge, making an intoxicating experience.


taylor by taylor swift

Taylor is a surprisingly sophisticated and versatile fragrance. 

The introductory notes of lychee, tangerine, and magnolia petals smoothly give way to a heart of peony, hydrangea, and vanilla orchid, and it all rests on a comforting base of sandalwood, apricot nectar, and cashmere musk.

It’s slightly too syrupy for my liking, but I know plenty of fans that swear by the Taylor fragrance.

How to Smell Like Taylor Swift With Dupe Fragrances

When it comes to fragrances, my guilty pleasure is wearing the same fragrances as my favourite celebs. But given that celebrities have a much higher budget than I do, I’ve gotten pretty into finding cheaper alternatives. 

Here are a few cheaper fragrances you can wear if you want to smell like Taylor:

La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

lancome la vie est belle

La Vie Est Belle” by Lancôme beautifully captures the essence of the iconic “Flowerbomb” by Viktor & Rolf. 

While both are premium fragrances, La Vie Est Belle is a slightly more budget-friendly choice, and I’ve found better discounts on it online. 

The scent has a rich iris heart, sweetened by a praline and vanilla base that echoes the floral explosion that Flowerbomb is renowned for. 

Can Can by Paris Hilton

can can by paris hilton

As someone always on the hunt for budget-friendly fragrances, I’ve stumbled upon a gem that not only serves as a more affordable alternative to Taylor Swift’s perfumes but also closely mirrors the scent profile of Fantasy by Britney Spears. 

Released in 2007, Can Can is a playful and flirtatious scent from reality star Paris Hilton. It starts with a lively clementine flower note, leading to a heart filled with nectarine and wild orchid. The warm undertones of amber and soft woods in the base tie everything together beautifully.


Velvet Sugar by Bath and Body Works

velvet sugar by bath and body works

As for Hot Couture dupes, go for Velvet Sugar from Bath and Body Works. The fragrance opens with a red velvet cream note, reminiscent of Hot Couture’s sweet raspberry. As it settles, the sugared musk creates a depth and warmth that’s similar to the luxurious amber and vetiver base of Hot Couture. 

Encased in a simple yet elegant bottle, “Velvet Sugar” offers that high-end feel with a wallet-friendly price tag.

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