What Cologne Does Keith Urban Wear?

Keith Urban wears colognes from Tom Ford, Penhaligon, and his own brand.
what cologne keith urban wears

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Key Takeaways

  • Keith Urban prefers cologne with woodsy and leather scents, avoiding both extremely rugged and overly metrosexual fragrances.
  • His favourite cologne is Phoenix, which is actually his one and only cologne which he launched under the Keith Urban brand.
  • He also wears Oud Wood by Tom Ford, a unisex cologne with amber and woody notes.
  • Another fragrance he often wears is Penhaligon's Opus 1870, which is floral and earthy.

Keith Urban is a New Zealand-born Australian singer, songwriter, and guitarist known for country hits like “Blue Ain’t Your Color” and “Somebody Like You”. The 54-year-old is married to A-list actress Nicole Kidman. He isn’t just about melodies and his celebrity wife though, he’s also really big on his cologne. 

Keep reading to find out what Keith Urban’s favourite colognes smell like.  

What Are Keith Urban’s Favourite Colognes?

Keither Urban wears three main colognes: his own fragrance Phoenix, Oud Wood by Tom Ford, and Opus 1870 by Penhaligon.

In a moment, I’ll go into detail about each fragrance individually, but for now, I wanted to point out the common denominator across the fragrances: they all have similar scent profiles.

Keith Urban recently told Allure, “I’ve always been a little partial to woods and leather-type smells. I’ve never been one to lean towards lumberjack fragrances, and things that were too metrosexual didn’t appeal to me either.” 

With that in mind, let’s explore the fragrances that have captured Keith’s preference.

Phoenix by Keith Urban

Like virtually all famous people with fragrances, Keith Urban’s favourite cologne is his own Phoenix. 

I don’t blame him – if I made my own fragrance, it would smell something like Phoenix. Which is to say, it would smell like amber, patchouli, cognac, plum and leather. 

Curious why Keith didn’t name his fragrance after himself, like fellow country singer Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande?

“Well, it probably started from not wanting to call it Keith Urban,” he told Allura. “I was imagining a woman saying to a man, ‘You smell good, what is that?’ And I didn’t want the man to have to say ‘I’m wearing Keith Urban.’ I just find that a little awkward. Phoenix seemed like it wasn’t trying too hard—it’s nice, simple, warm, spiritual—it felt just right.”

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Another fragrance that Keith really likes is the unisex scent Tom Ford Oud Wood. 

The 2007 fragrance still feels modern today thanks to a classic blend of amber and woody notes. 

It’s really rich and luxurious so I recommend wearing it on nights out if you want to get all the compliments.

Opus 1870 by Penhaligon

I also found out that Keith Urban’s third favourite fragrance is the understated but profound Penhaligon’s Opus 1870. 

It’s still woody, but with more prominent floral tones that make this feel like a really natural and earthy perfume. 

One thing it seems most celebrities have in common, is a love of expensive perfume, it seems. Keith Urban isn’t the only A-lister wearing expensive colognes. Drake’s favourite perfume is Baccarat Rouge 540, which happens to be one of the most frequently hashtagged perfumes and also one of the most expensive, retailing at £340 at Harrods.

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