What Cologne Does David Beckham Wear?

David Beckham usually wears Creed Eolfa
david beckham favourite cologne

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Key Takeaways

  • David Beckham’s favourite aftershaves include Creed Erolfa, Creed Aventus, David Beckham Instinct, and Miller Harris Feuilles De Tabac.
  • Renowned for his football and fashion influence, David Beckham has long-since ventured into the fragrance world.
  • He has a popular fragrance line and releases new fragrances every few years.
  • Beckham has just released three new aftershaves: Infinite Aqua, Aromatic Greens, and Refined Wood.

David Beckham is globally acclaimed not just for his legendary football skills, but also for his influence in the fashion sphere. Married to former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, David’s prominence transcends the football field.

His flair for style is evident not only in his wardrobe but also in his signature fragrance line. Beckham’s range of fragrances has always been in the limelight, and he’s recently added a captivating trio of scents to his celebrity fragrance collection.

Sharing his personal sentiments on fragrances, Beckham mentioned in an interview with GQ Magazine: “Using fragrance is a part of getting ready for me – I feel it can complete my outfit and make me feel great as I’m about to leave the house, setting me up for the day or night ahead.”

Wondering which fragrance David Beckham chooses for himself?

Keep reading to discover his go-to cologne.

What Does David Beckham Smell Like?

When I think of David Beckham, I picture elegance and sophistication, and his fragrance choices certainly reflect that. 

Among his favorites, David Beckham typically smells like either Creed Erolfa, Creed Aventus, David Beckham Instinct or Miller Harris Feuilles De Tabac.

Creed Erolfa

creed erolfa bottle

To me, Creed Erolfa is the essence of a fresh morning by the sea. It’s revitalizing with a harmonious blend of citrus notes mixed with sea salt and musk. 

The heart of this fragrance contains bergamot, lemon, rosemary, and the underlying hints of sea salt and ambergris. 

It’s a scent I’d imagine Beckham wearing during the day, especially in warmer months or when attending casual outdoor events. 

Speaking of Creed, it’s a family-owned niche brand founded in 1760. It’s always struck me with its dedication to creating authentic, timeless aromas through traditional methods.

Creed Aventus

creed aventus

Creed Aventus is the go-to scent of confidence and power. It opens with a bold smoky pineapple, which later settles into woody and vanilla undertones. 

The main notes in this fragrance include pineapple, birch, musk, and creamy vanilla. 

It’s versatile enough for both day and night, making a distinctive statement at formal events, which is probably why David Beckham wears it so much. 

Aventus is quite a popular choice among A-listers. It’s also Gordon Ramsay’s favourite perfume.

David Beckham Instinct

david beckham instinct

That’s right, like many celebrities, Beckham also wears his own fragrances. 

To me, Instinct is quintessentially masculine, blending spicy and aromatic tones. Its core is dominated by bergamot, with cardamom and patchouli playing significant roles. 

I’d see Beckham choosing this for casual outings or perhaps during one of his weekend adventures. The fragrance itself, much like Beckham, is a blend of contemporary style with a classic touch.

Miller Harris Feuilles De Tabac

feuilles de tabac

Saving the best till last, Beckham also likes to wear the Feuilles De Tabac aftershave from London-based luxury brand Miller Harris. 

Alongside tobacco, you really get a unique hint of pine needle and sage, which I am obsessed with. 

Perfect for evenings, this scent would be my pick for intimate dinners or cozy autumn nights. 

What Do David Beckham’s Colognes Smell like?

The global football icon hasn’t kept his influence strictly to the pitch. 

Over the years, he has released several wildly-successful scents. 

Here’s my take on what David Beckham’s perfumes smell like, laid out in chronological order based on their release date.


Back in 2005, Beckham launched his first-ever fragrance – Instinct, in collaboration with Coty, the same name behind iconic brands like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. 

I think it’s a pretty versatile scent which you can wear at any time of the day – and given that David Beckham regularly wears this cologne, I’m sure he does too.


Flash forward to 2011, Beckham graced the fragrance world with Homme, which quickly became one of his most sought-after colognes. 

As the name suggests, Homme exudes a strong, masculine aura. When sprayed Homme, the first spritz came with an assertive woody note, melding into a heart of spicy allure. As it settles, there’s an unmistakable hint of leather and musk. 

Every time I wear it, I feel a surge of confidence.

The Essence

Next up, Beckham released The Essence in 2021. 

It’s probably his most exotic, sexy fragrance (even if I’m personally not a massive fan). 

For me, one whiff of grapefruit and I’m out. And The Essence is definitely a potent grapefruit scent.

When the grapefruit settles, you do get lovely lavender and pineapple notes, giving it that mix of freshness and allure. And anchoring it all is a warm, woody undertone that I can definitely get behind.


In 2013, Beckham graced us with Classic. He dubbed it a “modern classic,” and I couldn’t agree more. 

The initial scent profile hits with a sharp and clean freshness, and a fun gin tonic accord. It has a heart of nutmeg, and mint, with amber, cedarwood, and vetiver at its base. 

It’s definitely a compliment magnet. I’ve often found myself being asked about my fragrance in public when I spray this.

Beyond Beckham

2015’s Beyond is, in my eyes, one of Beckham’s more refined fragrances.

It starts with a heady blend of mojito chords, grapefruit, and cardamom, which feels nice and sophisticated. 

The heart introduces cedar, geranium, and black pepper, adding a little spice to the mix

Finally, it all comes together with vanilla, patchouli, and leather in the base, ensuring a lasting impression.

I usually wear Beyond Beckham to smart-casual events. The longevity is pretty impressive so it’s great for these types of events. 


In 2017, Beckham released Respect, a woody fragrances that blends watermelon and basil in one of the most unique openings I’ve ever smelled.

The heart is a mix of warm lavender and cardamom, while the base blends patchouli, oakmoss, and vetiver.

All in all, it’s a pretty strong offering – if not the most crowd-pleasing of Beckham’s aftershaves.

What About David Beckham’s New Fragrance Collection?

david beckham collection

Recently, David Beckham launched a new trio of fragrances: Infinite Aqua, Aromatic Greens, and Refined Wood. Each fragrance is reportedly inspired by a unique travelling memory he has with his friends and family.

Watch the advert here:

Here’s what each of David Beckham’s new fragrances smell like:

Infinite Aqua

Described as aromatic and watery, Beckham was trying to evoke a memory of riding down the Pacific Coast Highway.

I definitely got a salty breeze vibe from this fragrance, and as it developed, I was met with an airy fusion of lavender and waterlily.

Given the floral blend here, I’d argue this is a great unisex fragrance that men and women will both enjoy.

Aromatic Greens

Then comes Aromatic Greens, a scent that’s meant to embody all things tranquil for the modern man.

Opening with clean, fresh, herbal notes the fragrance progresses nicely with a woody note emerging that really lives up to the name.

I can see this being a great aftershave to wear in the summer, though not so much as we approach winter. 

Refined Wood

Last but by no means least is Refined Wood, which Beckham created after visiting Asia. 

It’s an oriental, spicy, woody scent made with orris root, which is known for giving a rich, opulent undertone to fragrances. 

Other ingredients include lavender, geranium, tonka beans, vetiver and cedarwood. 

Overall, it’s a solid, unique aftershave that will really set you apart. 

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