What Perfume Does Beyoncé Wear?

Beyoncé’s favourite perfume is Angel’s Share by Kilian
Beyonce's favourite perfumes

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Key Takeaways

  • Beyoncé’s Favorite Perfume is Angels’ Share by Kilian Paris.
  • Beyoncé also wears her Heat and Heat Rush from her own perfume collection.
  • 'Heat' features magnolia, almond, and amber among its notes.
  • 'Heat Rush' brings tropical vibes with passion fruit, tiger orchid, and honey amber.
  • Beyoncé is releasing a new perfume in November 2023 with notes of clementine, rose absolute, and Namibian myrrh.

The moment I hear the name Beyoncé, I can’t help but get goosebumps. From her early days with Destiny’s Child to her recent world-record breaking Renaissance tour, the Houston-born star has always left me in awe. 

With chart-toppers like “Single Ladies,” “Formation,” and “Halo,” Beyoncé has solidified her place in the music industry. At 42, she’s not just a musical genius but also a business mogul with an impressive net worth of over $500 million. 

And her Grammy collection? With a whopping 28 Grammys, Beyoncé is the second most decorated woman in Grammy history.

On top of that, Queen Bey also has one of the most successful celebrity perfume collections of all time, which got me curious: what perfume does Beyoncé actually wear? 

If, like me, you’ve wondered what Beyoncé smells like, you’re in for a treat.

What is Beyoncé’s Favorite Perfume?

angels' share kilian

Beyoncé’s favorite perfume is Angels’ Share by Kilian Paris. During her Renaissance tour in London, Beyoncé visited Harrods after hours and reportedly bought another bottle. And honestly, who could blame her?

When I first tested Angel’s Share, I knew I was a fan. The top note is undeniably cognac, and every time I smell it I feel super classy. It’s rich and heady but as the initial wave begins to mellow, the cinnamon comes forward.

It’s not the kind of cinnamon you’d sprinkle on your latte. It’s spicier, more raw, and it adds an element of warmth. 

Finally, to ground it all, Angel’s Share rounds off with an oak base. It brings a woodiness, but more than that, it’s slightly sweet and earthy.

In other words, I think Beyoncé has great taste.

What other perfumes does Beyoncé wear? 

Beyoncé also wears two perfumes from her own collection: Heat and Heat Rush. 

During an interview with Allure, Beyoncé was asked about her perfume routine. Here’s what she said: 

“I’m very loyal. I find one and wear it for years. I wear Heat and Heat Rush—I really do! It was important to me that they work for all occasions because I don’t like to switch up. I like to have a signature scent so that when I walk past, everyone knows it’s me. My mother always wore the same fragrance [when I was a kid] and every time I smell it, I think of her.” 

I have to admit, I can’t stand to wear the same fragrance day in day out, but each to their own!


heat by beyonce

Heat starts with a sensual mix of magnolia, neroli, and red vanilla orchid at its top, which then really beautifully turns into a heart rich with almond, musk, and honeysuckle. The perfume has a warm base of sequoia wood, tonka, and amber, leaving a lasting impression.

There aren’t many celebrity perfumes that I really love, but Heat is definitely one of them. 

Heat Rush

heat rush beyonce

Heat Rush is like a tropical daydream to me – which is to say, I think it’s radically different to the original. 

It opens with a splash of passion fruit, blood orange, and Brazilian cherry. As it settles, you get whiffs of tiger orchid, mango blossom, and orange hibiscus. The grounding notes of teak wood, honey amber, and Rio sunset musk make sure this fragrance doesn’t become too sweet and sickly. 

Does Beyoncé Have A New Perfume Coming Out?

It’s been over a decade since Queen Bey last released a perfume and now, the buzz in the fragrance world is all about her latest perfume masterpiece set to debut in November 2023. 

Why I’m looking forward to trying this scent out is because Beyoncé has designed the fragrance herself. What I’m less excited about is the fact the EDP is available for pre-order in the US and Canada but not the UK. 

Retailing at $160, I can’t wait to try this one out. 

The top notes are clementine and honey, the heart is a blend of rose and jasmine sambac, and the base is Namibian myrrh and golden amber.  

If this perfume is like Beyoncé’s past releases, it’s going to take the perfume world by storm.

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