What Does It Mean When a Guy Notices Your Perfume?

When a guy makes a comment about your perfume, it could mean a number of different things. Read on to find out more.
Man compliments girl's perfume in coffee shop

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Discover the significance of a guy noticing your perfume below and how to discern if he likes it or not.

Smell is a potent sense, closely tied to people, food, and memories. Scents can evoke nostalgia and remind us of someone special. They can also be great conversation starters. 

Reasons Why A Guy Notices Your Perfume 

There are six main reasons why a guy might notice your perfume:

1. Smells Good 

At risk of stating the obvious, a guy who compliments your perfume may genuinely  just like your fragrance. 

To determine whether he’s flirting with you, or just generally enjoy the fragrance, pay attention to his body language and what he’s saying. 

2. Token Of Reminder 

The smell of perfume can be a powerful trigger for memories. For some, it might bring back fond memories of a loved one or a special place. For others, it might evoke painful memories that they’d rather forget.

If someone notices your perfume and seems to be lost in thought, it’s worth asking them what it makes them think of. It could be a great way to start a conversation and learn more about their personal history.

Of course, you should be respectful and sensitive if you choose to ask this question. Remember that the memory might be painful for them. But if you’re willing to listen, you might be surprised at what they have to say.

For example, they might tell you about a grandmother who used to wear the same perfume, or a vacation they took to a place that smelled like your perfume.

Whatever they say, be sure to listen attentively and ask follow-up questions. You might just learn something new about them, or even make a new friend.

3. Attracted To You

A compliment can be innocent or flirtatious, depending on how it is delivered. When a guy notices your perfume, it could simply be an excuse to start a conversation. To gauge his intent, pay attention to his body language and gestures for any signs of flirtation.

Remember that perfume can be a powerful tool for attraction. According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, people are more likely to be attracted to you if you smell nice. This is because smell is a powerful sense that can evoke memories and emotions.

Women generally use softer perfumes because they’re more subtle, less overpowering, and more overtly feminine. 

4. An Excuse To Make A Conversation 

Perfume can be used as a conversation starter. In some cases, the person who gives you the perfume may simply want to talk to you – they’re just using your fragrance as a starting point. They may be too shy to approach you directly, so they use the perfume as a way to break the ice.

Of course, it’s impossible to say for sure what the person’s intentions are. But if you’re interested in getting to know them, use the fragrance as a great conversation starter. 

5. He’s A Pervert

Unfortunately, if a guy is showing intense interest in you, it could be a cause for concern. It is crucial to be cautious and vigilant for any signs of inappropriate behavioUr or advances.

Flirting, when done right, is light-hearted and playful. However, if he’s intrusive, inappropriate or aggressive in any way, do not tolerate it. 

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed by someone’s communication style or body language, promptly remove yourself from the situation. Your safety should always be your top priority.

Here are some instances of inappropriate behaviour:

  • Touching you without your consent
  • Making sexual comments or jokes
  • Following you or trying to track you down
  • Threatening you or making you feel unsafe

If you experience any of these behaviours, it is important to:

  • Stay calm and assertive
  • Tell the guy to stop
  • Walk away from the situation
  • Report the behaviour to someone you trust

Remember, you have the right to feel safe and comfortable. Do not hesitate to take action if you feel threatened or unsafe.

6. You Bathed In Perfume 

Perfume is a personal choice, but it’s important to be mindful of how much you use. If you overspray, you could overwhelm the senses of those around you. If you’ve covered yourself in perfume from head to toe, it’s no wonder people are noticing your perfume. 

However, comments aren’t always a good sign, especially if you’ve oversprayed in an enclosed space, such as an elevator or airplane. If you’re unsure how much perfume to use, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

If you’re concerned that you might be overspraying your perfume, there are a few things you can do. First, try using a smaller amount of perfume. You can also try applying it to different parts of your body, such as your wrists or neck. And finally, be sure to reapply your perfume throughout the day as needed.

What To Do When A Guy Notices Your Perfume?

How you should respond to someone commenting on your fragrance ultimately depends on whether you like them or not. 

How To Respond If You Like Him

If you like the guy who notices your perfume, try doing one of the following:

  • Acknowledge with a smile: A smile is a universal gesture that can defuse awkwardness and make someone feel at ease. It conveys that you are open to further communication and interested in getting to know them better.
  • Appreciate his sense of smell: Complimenting someone’s sense of smell is a playful way to initiate flirting and create a positive atmosphere. It’s also quite funny to acknowledge someone has great taste for complimenting you and can spark a connection.
  • Pass a compliment: Likewise, why not return a genuine compliment about his appearance, sense of style, or other qualities to make him feel valued and appreciated. 
  • Ask him if it reminds him of someone: If you sense that there’s a story or memory associated with your scent, ask him to share it with you. This gesture often opens the door to more personal and meaningful conversations.
  • Try a new perfume or hairstyle: Experimenting with your appearance can help you to figure out if he really is flirting with you. If he notices the change and comments positively on it, it may indicate an attraction to you. This playful experiment can prove whether he just likes your fragrance, or wants to get your attention.

How To Respond If You Don’t Like Him 

If you’re not interested in a guy who notices your perfume, we recommend that you do one or more of the following: 

  • Ignore the compliments: It may seem rude, but ignoring a compliment is the best way to show the person that their advances are not welcome. If they don’t get the hint, you can be more direct.
  • Fake a smile: This is a polite way to acknowledge the compliment without actually responding to it. It’s also a good way to diffuse the situation if the person is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Set boundaries: If the person’s compliments are making you feel uncomfortable, you can tell them that you appreciate their appreciation, but you would prefer to be left alone. Try to be clear and direct, but also don’t make snap judgements based on appearance. 
  • Stay with your partner: If a guy is trying to hit on you, you don’t have to engage. Make it clear that you are not interested in them and that you have someone else in your life.
  • Show You’re Taken: If someone is intimidating you, don’t be overly friendly. Establish your boundaries to deter them from pursuing a longer conversation. Be clear and direct with your communication so that they know that you are not interested. 


When someone you’re interested in notices your perfume, take the opportunity to start a conversation. Smile, make eye contact, keep the conversation light and fun, and end the conversation on a positive note. You might just turn a compliment about your perfume into a great conversation starter and potentially a date.

However, when a guy you don’t appreciate compliments you about your perfume, it’s important to handle the situation with finesse. You can do this by acting indifferent, showing polite reserve, setting clear boundaries, or by being assertive. Remember your worth and don’t put up with unwanted attention.

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